IPE, or Intituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas (Institute for Ecological Studies), began as a project to study the black lion tamarin, one of the worlds smallest and most endangered monkeys. Today the here - phentermine375mgcapsule institute is comprised of more than sixty professionals working in thirty projects throughout Brazil. Regional field sites include Anavilhanas Ecological Station (Amazonas State), Pontal do Paranapanema and Nazaré Paulista (Sao Paulo State), Superagüi National Park (Parana State) and Serra dos Órgãos (Rio de Janeiro State). Believing that it is impossible to separate conservation from local people's empowerment, the institute promotes alternatives for income generation that are both socially and environmentally sustainable. The ECO BUCHAS project works with landless communities from the Brazils landless worker movement, the MST (Movimento de Trabalhadores Sem Terra) of the Pontal de Paranapanema, one of the last remnants of Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil. These artisans organically grow the loofa gourds and sew them into bath sponges in the form of endangered species from the area. The sales of the loofa sponges help these communities improve their livelihoods and help to educate the public about preservation of this important ecosystem. In addition, the communities participate in reforestation projects organized by IPE. www.ipe.org.br